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Is it possible to mix politics with fashion?

Of course you can! The new "DC State Hoodie" was designed exclusively to support the District of Columbia in becoming the 51st state. Skeptics say it will never happen and others say it's possible.

By wearing one of these fashionable hoodies you don't have to say a lot to make a bold statement.

Mayor Muriel Bowser declared July 2019 as "DC Statehood Month. Unfortunately, the H.R 51 Bill scheduled for a July 24 hearing before Congress has been rescheduled for Thursday, September 19.

“Our statehood hearing is essential to move our bill to passage, but it serves another important purpose as well,” stated Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton in a press release on July 13.

“This hearing will inform people of what most do not know – that the residents of their nation’s capital do not have full voting rights in the House and have no representation in the Senate."

The hearing in the fall will be the first House hearing on DC statehood since Norton got the first-ever floor vote in 1993. An article from explains the push for the 51st state very candidly.

"Taxation without Representation" is not just another trendy saying. It is a serious matter for native Washingtonians and their voices need to be heard.

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