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Connecting with Community

On Sunday July 14, PNL Designs had the awesome opportunity to be a vendor at the "Last Bite of Chocolate City?" event hosted by southeast native Dee Dwyer at the Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center, located at 3200 Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, SE.

Attendees were able to experience a re-creation of an average beautiful day in a “Chocolate City” neighborhood during summertime. The event featured Black Alley go go band, a tour of Dee Dwyer's photo exhibit, games, complimentary haircuts and food.

This event was the perfect occasion to debut the vintage "Chocolate City" tee shirt. This nostalgic design pays homage to the burgeoning population who lived in the city during the 1970s. But due to gentrification throughout the nation's capital, residents east of the river are slowly seeing the changes within its community.

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